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Sky Guardian want to help you build your vision.

Sky Guardian has a number of design, branding and web services to help your business image grow, expand and move towards a new bigger brighter future in your marketplace.


We offer a wide range of digital services, from Logo, Brand and web Design to Print Design and Product Photography. We have recently introduced Web services by offering a range of new products such as Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Managed Servers, Wordpress, Web Security and much more!

Everything you need to grow your business.

Packaging Design

Pre-Print Designs

Business Cards and Stationary Design


Wordpress CMS




Security & Backups

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Covid-19 Update 😷We want to help you beat your Covid business worries

Because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, our in-person services are limited until further notice. You can subscribe to our newsletter below to get regular updates on our availability and any promotions or offers we may have to ease your covid business worries.