Elevate your Brand image

Logo designs are a necessity for any business so that it can provide an image for your brand. A logo is essentially an identity, just like a drivers license or a passport. A logo can help to identify the business, brand or even an individual through different forms such as, symbols, icons, typographic or even through a simple or complex combination of these.


We know how daunting it can be to have a logo design done, especially when you speak to multiple design teams and they start throwing a bunch of words straight at you. 

At Sky Guardian, we prefer to listen to you rather than confuse you with jargon you won’t really care for. We allow our previous work to speak for us. That way, you get to witness the high standard of products we create.


We are proud of our design process. We don’t just speak to you at the start and at the end of the project. We make sure to join forces with you whenever possible. From the beginning till the end, we collaborate with our clients closely in order to help them fulfil the vision they have for their business. Starting with a good old pencil and a sheet of paper, all the way through to the creation process. We welcome feedback throughout the ideation and all design stages of the project and once we are done, we will provide the final design in a variation of formats to use for web and print.

Elevate your Brand Identity

Brand guidelines are not as exciting as logo design but is a major tool to achieve a brand's success.

Your brand guidelines are much like a manual on how to use your brand across different channels. Just having a ‘logo’ in today’s market is not enough. You need to be able to supply clear guidance to 3rd party suppliers, designers and anyone who’ll be using your brand to help you grow.

If you are stuck creating new content for your brand, such as marketing material, promo graphics, launch graphics, product photoshoots…you can refer to your brand guidelines to remind yourself of the elements you need to stay on track with your brand for your content in order to stay consistent throughout.


We are a fun and friendly team to work with who always enjoy speaking to new clients and build new relationships. So, if you'd like to know more about our logo & brand design service, just email us on: info@skyguardian.co.uk or send us a message here.


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Why should my business have a logo designed?

Logo's create a lasting impression that will hopefully impress current and potential clients. Over the past decade, strong logo designs have become a vital part of many companies as they stride to evolve their existing brand image as well as the countless daily new startup companies.

How long does a logo design take?

A logo design from Sky Guardian can typically be a 1-2 week process. Although we can take between 3-5 working days to create a logo in our design studio, we have to take into consideration communication between us and our clients, giving them the time they need in between feedback and reviews.

What is the logo design process?

Step 1 - The Design Brief

The backbone to any good logo design is the design brief. For us to create your logo exactly the way you or your business requires, we need t get to know you and your business.

Step 2 - Concepts and Sketches

Once we put together the design brief, we take a little time to go away and research your business via various online avenues based on the brief. The research allows the designer to get the ideas flowing from pencil to paper. Drawing and sketching quickly allows us to get multiple ideas down in a short amount of time.

Step 3 - Typography

Typeface/Type/Typography - Letters, Numbers and even special characters in a particular design for print or web media, you may also call it "Font".

Sketching the barebones of a design is always important but so is the typography and the use of type in your design.

Step 4 - Black & White Designs

Designing the logo in black and white helps us and our clients visualise the clarity of a design, whether the overall design will be clear when working with it in various sizes and to help the clients to visualise the design in its more simplest form before adding any colours, which may cause distractions when initially viewing designs.

Step 5 - Colour Profiling

Once we are happy with the design, or the variety of design concepts chosen by the team and clients, we start to bring some life to the design with the addition of colour. This helps to work on your core brand colours and its complementary colours.

Step 6 - Finalising The Logo

So we’ve got the chosen design, the typeface and the brand colours signed off by the wonderful client and now a few final detailed tweaks and we are ready to deploy.

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