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Websites are essential to any business In modern days. Your website experience is one of the keys to enhance your businesses credibility and trust in your marketplace. In todays market, your website is expected to go above and beyond as standard, this means that modern day website features and functions are much more intuitive and advanced than ever before. Never has a website had to work as hard as it must do today, not only throughout your desktop but also across mobile devices. As a digital design agency in London, we are able to use our gathered experience in creating beautifully designed, well equipped online experiences that breathe life into your online presence.

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Sky Guardian has a small but dedicated team of skilled designers who can work on various types of projects. All of our web design projects have been created using our trusted website design process. As mobile devices are an essential part of our lives, all of our web designs are created to seamlessly work with any screen sizes, from Mobile phones, to tablets all the way to desktops.


Most of our projects are built using an amazing Open Source Content Management System called WordPress. This system is constantly being updated by a WordPress development community in order to stay up to date with modern features and functions. This allows for an admin system which allows you full control over the entire website content.


We support our clients throughout and after the project, so call or message us and we will always be glad to help.


We are a fun and friendly team to work with who always enjoy speaking to new clients and build new relationships. So, if you'd like to know more about our Website design and development service, just email us on: or send us a message here.


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What is the Website Design Process?

Step 1 - Planning

Planning and structuring of the websites content is the first stage of the project. This allows us to see what content is required, and where, before we begin to develop the website.


The user experience phase closely works with the planning phase as it allows for us to create a pathway throughout the website using the information we gather. This stage is also known as 'wire-framing' as they are the blueprints of a website design. From the navigation to the interconnecting content and sections, all of these allow us to plan each page and it's layouts.


Once we are done with the planning, structuring and finalised the wireframes, our next step is the website design. Based on your brands guidelines and your market, we develop the look and feel (graphical user interface) of the website. During this stage, we would have shot photography or sent you images which will need to be reviewed with feedback from your end, unless the images are provided by you.


So now have the pages designed and laid out, we have run through everything from the last stage and now we begin to develop the site. From here we translate those designs to code which can be embedded into the WordPress CMS and begin to build templates which can also be used for any new pages later on in the future.

Step 5 - TESTING

Making sure that the website works on multiple screen sizes and mobile devices can take some time, testing and constant detailed bug fixing. Throughout this stage we constant test the site against different mobile devices and desktops until we are satisfied the website is fully device responsive.

Step 6 - RELEASE

The last stand!

The website goes live and we ensure that the website is appearing in major search engines. During the web development stage we would have added all the relevant meta data and keywords to allow for SEO. (Unless you have appointed your own SEO team, in that case we would have liaised with them during the development process)

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